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Listen through Silence

A sound wave can contain messages as an electrical signal, being transmitted to the brain, then converted into the sound we hear.


"Silent World (SWCL)" is a B2B/B2G-focused firm. We provide leading ESG bodies with visual services such as graphic design, comics, multimedia production, product design, and social responsibility projects (pro bono).  Nora Fong is our co-founder.


Sound waves have different frequencies and are everywhere. Sometimes the environment is so quiet that we do not know the sound waves exist but it doesn’t change the fact that they are there.


People don’t just rely on their ears to hear stuff. In addition to physical hearing, almost all parts of our bodies are receivers of sound waves. For instance, the sound of hitting a musical instrument is not only meant to be heard, physically, but for the vibration of water in our bodies, which may be emotionally satisfying to many.


The average human hearing frequency is around 20kHz, and sensitivity to high-frequency hearing declines with age. Animals can hear a wider range of frequencies, such as 45kHz for dogs and 64kHz for cats. In other words: is the narrower hearing range of humans a "disability" in itself?

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Strive to Perfect

 We have years of design experience, and provides a one-stop service platform for your menus, posters, cards, packings, trademark design, etc. We can also manufacture the products for you.


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